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Sports. They’re our national pastime and our national snack time! And now you can always root for the home team with 50 gameday dip recipes—one for each state! Simply explore the map and enjoy the unmatched flavor of McCormick!

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California Guacamole Hummus Mile High Chile Verde Dip Philly Cheesesteak Dip NOLA Cajun Fiesta Dip Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Dip

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Illinois: Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Dip


Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Dip

The actual person to invent Chicago-style deep dish pizza? It’s up for debate. But the location? Pizzeria Uno, Chicago all the way! Dig deep with this Windy City appetizer: Your favorite pizza toppings, ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan cheese + McCormick® Thick & Zesty Spaghetti Mix.

Indiana: Hoosier Corn Queso Dip


Hoosier Corn Queso Dip

Hoosiers and non-Hoosiers alike will love this dip, starring one of the state’s largest crops: corn. Scoop up this loaded, creamy corn dip with - what else - corn chips!

Iowa: Iowa Sloppy Joe Dip


Iowa Sloppy Joe Dip

A Sloppy Joe with a twist, in honor of the creation of the first “loose meat sandwich” in Sioux City, Iowa. Popularized by the restaurant, Maid-Rite, the original version of the sandwich was made with unseasoned ground beef and onions on a bun topped with pickles and mustard.

Kansas: Kansas City BBQ Chicken Dip


Kansas City BBQ Chicken Dip

Legendary flavor from a city famous for its slow-cooked meat. Traditional Kansas City barbeque is slow-smoked over a variety of woods and slathered in a tomato-molasses sauce.

Michigan: Motor City Coney Dip


Motor City Coney Dip

While most people hear “Coney Island Hot Dog” and think Coney Island, NY, the popular food actually got its start in Detroit! A Coney Dog is traditionally topped with a savory meat sauce.

Minnesota: Minnesota Hot Dish Dip


Minnesota Hot Dish Dip

Originating in the upper Midwest, popular hot dish dips like this one feature ingredients authentic to the casserole-like appetizer, including sausage, frozen vegetables and cheese.

Missouri: St. Louis Ravioli Dip


St. Louis Ravioli Dip

The tasty St. Louis tradition of toasted ravioli comes to life in in this saucy, cheesy mix of dipping goodness.

Nebraska: Black Bean and Corn Guacamole


Black Bean and Corn Guacamole

Nebraska’s state football team had several nicknames–Tree-planters, Rattlesnake Boys, Antelopes–before landing on Cornhuskers in 1899. Whoever you’re rooting for, score big with this game-day-ready black bean and avocado guac.

North Dakota: North Dakota Lentil Dip

North Dakota

North Dakota Lentil Dip

Pulse crops (lentils, chickpeas, dried peas) date back some 10,000 years. So with North Dakota sitting pretty as the number one producer of lentils in the U.S., it only makes sense to honor this Midwestern state with a delicious lentil-loaded dip.

South Dakota: South Dakota Wild Mushroom Dip

South Dakota

South Dakota Wild Mushroom Dip

In the springtime, South Dakota’s mushroom hunters search for mushrooms and highly prized morels on the Missouri and Big Sioux rivers. This dip channels their spirit by featuring sliced shitake, oyster and portabella mushrooms.

Wisconsin: Wisconsin Brat and Beer Cheese Dip


Wisconsin Brat and Beer Cheese Dip

Synonymous with Wisconsin, brats, beer and cheese curds are the shining stars in this dip. Serve it warm with soft pretzel dunkers and a frosty Wisconsin craft brew–just like the Wisconsinites might do!

Alaska & Hawaii

Alaska: Alaskan Smoked Salmon Dip


Alaskan Smoked Salmon Dip

Salmon has long been central to the culture and livelihood of coastal Alaskans, celebrated each year upon their return from migration. Catch Alaska’s state fish in this smoky, creamy, cold dip.

Hawaii: Hawaiian Ham and Pineapple Salsa


Hawaiian Ham and Pineapple Salsa

Aloha! Take a trip to the Hawaiian Islands with this dip that offers up authentic state flavors: a fruity salsa with pineapple, jalapeño and mango nectar plus canned ham. Hawaii consumes more canned ham than any U.S. state!


Connecticut: Connecticut Cheeseburger Dip


Connecticut Cheeseburger Dip

Central Connecticut is famous for its steamed cheeseburgers–juicy, melty cheeseburgers made in a steam cabinet. Celebrate this culinary treasure with a dip loaded with ground beef and traditional burger toppings.

Delaware: Delaware Scrapple Dip


Delaware Scrapple Dip

Transform an iconic Delaware dish–scrapple–into a warm, cheesy, salty dip, perfect for enjoying with crackers or French bread. Delaware is the nation’s largest producer of scrapple–a combination of pork scraps, cornmeal and flour.

Kentucky: Kentucky Bourbon Onion Dip


Kentucky Bourbon Onion Dip

Invented in one of Kentucky’s original counties, Bourbon County, bourbon whisky is known for its distinct mellow flavor and golden amber color. Try this sweet, tangy dip honoring the rich history of bourbon, also known as “America's Official Native Spirit.”

Maine: Maine Lobster and Spinach Dip


Maine Lobster and Spinach Dip

The first lobster pound was started in Vinalhaven, Maine in 1876. The town is still home to a successful lobster fishery today. Enjoy Maine’s claim to fame in a quick, tangy dip starring lobster and served with crackers.

Maryland: Maryland OLD BAY® Crab Cake Dip


Maryland OLD BAY® Crab Cake Dip

Blue crabs are popular in Maryland and featured in Baltimore Crab Cake. Get hooked on the savory flavor of Maryland’s own OLD BAY® Seasoning–a world-famous blend of celery salt, herbs and spices–with this crabmeat-loaded dip.

Massachusetts: Boston Baked Bean Dip


Boston Baked Bean Dip

Bacon + Beans + Beer = Boston. (And this dip.) Boston baked beans are a typically made with salted pork and molasses–an ingredient used in the distillation of rum. Boston became a maker and exporter of rum in the late 1700s, leveraging the evolution and popularity of the dish.

New Hampshire: New Hampshire Corned Beef Dip

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Corned Beef Dip

When the Irish began immigrating to the U.S. in the late 1700s and early 1800s, they brought their recipes and created a New England boiled dinner. Today it’s known as the famous St. Patrick’s Day dish: corned beef and cabbage.

New Jersey: Jersey Disco Fry Dip

New Jersey

Jersey Disco Fry Dip

It’s debatable whether disco fries–a fried potato, cheese and gravy dish made popular by club-goers in Manhattan and northern New Jersey–dates back to the 1970s or the early 90s. One thing is for sure–the Garden State loves disco fries–and you’ll love ‘em in dip form!

New York: Buffalo Chicken Dip

New York

Buffalo Chicken Dip

As the story goes, Teressa Bellissimo fried chicken wings and flavored them with a secret sauce in Buffalo, NY. Pay tribute to the home of the chicken wing with a creamy dip loaded with chicken, hot sauce and blue cheese.

Ohio: Cincinnati Chili Dip


Cincinnati Chili Dip

Warm up with a dip based on the Ohio favorite: Cincinnati-style chili. Invented by Greek immigrants, the traditional dish features hints of cinnamon, chocolate and other spices. Recreate this iconic flavor in a dip starring ground beef, Cheddar cheese, cinnamon and chili mix.

Pennsylvania: Cheesesteak Dip


Cheesesteak Dip

The cheesesteak planted its roots in Philly in the early 1930s thanks to a hot dog vendor who happened to grill up some beef and throw it on an Italian roll. Try the cheesesteak dip-i-fied version, with roast beef, peppers and onions.

Rhode Island: Rhode Island Clam Chowder Dip

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Clam Chowder Dip

New England Clam Chowder was introduced to the region by British, French or Nova Scotian settlers and quickly grew into a dish common to the area by the 1700s. Try our version, served with crackers or baguettes. Yum!

Vermont: Vermont Maple Bacon Dip


Vermont Maple Bacon Dip

Vermont has serious bragging rights! Not only is it the state with the highest number of cheese makers per capita, it’s also the largest producer of maple syrup in the U.S. Show your VT pride with a delicious dip that’s the perfect representation of the Green State.

Virginia: Virginia Country Ham and Swiss Dip


Virginia Country Ham and Swiss Dip

Located in the “Ham Belt” of the U.S., Virginia is known for its classically delicious cured ham. Try it with a combo of interesting ingredients–Swiss cheese, pickles and rye bread–all rolled into one tasty, tangy dip.

West Virginia: West Virginia Pepperoni Roll Dip

West Virginia

West Virginia Pepperoni Roll Dip

Popular in West Virginia, the ingredients and flavors of the pipin’ hot pepperoni roll are showcased in this saucy appetizer.


Alabama: Alabama Cheesy Bacon Pecan Dip


Alabama Cheesy Bacon Pecan Dip

Pecan nuts are grown on trees native to the U.S. Since the early 20th century, they’ve been grown commercially in Alabama. Try them in this cheesy, bacon-loaded appetizer honoring the Alabama state nut.

Arkansas: Arkansas Queso Dip


Arkansas Queso Dip

The claim to fame in this state? Queso-like, ooey-gooey cheese dips, like this one right here.

Florida: Miami Cuban Dip


Miami Cuban Dip

From the cubano to croquettes and more, the Cuban influence in South Florida’s cuisine is something to be thankful for! This sabor-forward dip takes everything you love in a traditional Cuban sandwich and loads it into a hollowed-out bread bowl.

Georgia: Sweet Georgia Peach and Pecan Dip


Sweet Georgia Peach and Pecan Dip

Honor the Georgia peach with a salty-sweet dip made with bacon, peaches, Grill Mates® Brown Sugar Bourbon marinade and pecans. Franciscan monks introduced peaches to St. Simmons and Cumberland Island in the 16th century.

Louisiana: NOLA Cajun Fiesta Dip


NOLA Cajun Fiesta Dip

In 19th century New Orleans, Monday was laundry day. With no time for an elaborate dinner, Monday became “red beans and rice day.” Showcase the flavor of this classic dish in a dip starring Zatarain’s® own Red Beans and Rice Mix.

Mississippi: Mississippi Sin Ham Dip


Mississippi Sin Ham Dip

Known for its “sinful” cheesy richness, this dip has earned its title as the “ultimate” tailgate dip by the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

North Carolina: Carolina Pulled Pork Slow Cooker Dip

North Carolina

Carolina Pulled Pork Slow Cooker Dip

Whether you like your pork chopped or pulled, sauced Eastern or Western Carolina-style… that’s up to you! Recreate the bold flavors of traditional Carolina pit-cooked, pulled pork with this sweet ‘n tangy dip.

South Carolina: Charleston BLT Dip

South Carolina

Charleston BLT Dip

The New York Times described Charleston as “a town afloat on bacon-washed bourbon.” Starring a half-pound of bacon, this creamy BLT dip is a nod to the regional cuisine of this old, southern port city.

Tennessee: Tennessee Sausage ‘N Cheese Dip


Tennessee Sausage ‘N Cheese Dip

Show your pride for the tastes of Tennessee with the state’s own brand of Tennessee Pride Sausage, mixed with creamy mac ‘n cheese flavor. It’s the ultimate combination of comfort food.


Arizona: Arizona Cheesy Chimichanga Dip


Arizona Cheesy Chimichanga Dip

A happy accident between a restaurant founder, a pastry and a deep fryer, the chimichanga is said to have been created in Arizona. Get the party started with this warm dip featuring shredded chicken and the kicked-up flavors of the Southwest.

New Mexico: New Mexico Green Chile Dip

New Mexico

New Mexico Green Chile Dip

Try this fiery baked bean and cheese dip. Its pungent green chile flavor is rooted in a rich combination of the Spanish, Mexican and Native American cultures that are influential in kitchens across New Mexico.

Oklahoma: Oklahoma Ranchers Steak Chili Dip


Oklahoma Ranchers Steak Chili Dip

Cattle ranching has played a significant role in the history of Oklahoma. Snack like the hard-working Sooners do with this beef sirloin, black bean and cheese dip.

Texas: Texas Trash Dip


Texas Trash Dip

Everything is bigger in Texas–including flavor. With oooey-gooey cheese, refried beans and taco seasoning, everything about this rich, melty dip is big, bold and over-the-top.


California: California Guacamole Hummus


California Guacamole Hummus

Enjoy the handcrafted taste of California avocados in a dip that pairs two showstoppers–guac and hummus - in one. California produces almost 90 percent of the nation’s avocado crop, growing approximately 300-400 million pounds each year.

Colorado: Mile High Chile Verde Dip


Mile High Chile Verde Dip

Who has the best green chiles … Colorado or New Mexico? The great debate lives on! Grab some tortilla chips and decide for yourself with this cheesy bean and green chile dip.

Idaho: Idaho Baked Potato Dip


Idaho Baked Potato Dip

Whether you’re from the state or not, Idaho = potatoes. Celebrate all things “tater” with the ultimate in potato appetizers–a sharp, smoky, savory and cheesy dip.

Montana: Montana Spicy Bison Dip


Montana Spicy Bison Dip

The bison is an American icon. Show your pride by serving this spicy cheese dip at your next event. It’s the perfect showcase of ground bison meat with fire-roasted tomatoes, jalapeños and chili seasoning.

Nevada: Sin City Cocktail Dip


Sin City Cocktail Dip

Shrimp cocktail first hit the Vegas casino scene in 1959. The appetizer favorite is still going strong today. Recreate the fresh flavors of the signature Sin City special with this shrimp cocktail-inspired dip.

Oregon: Oregon Beer Cheese Dip


Oregon Beer Cheese Dip

The brewing culture of Oregon has been 150 years in the making. The more recently recognized “craft beer revolution” has given Oregon bragging rights as the state with the most microbrew drinkers. Pick your favorite cold one and try it in this cheesy dip recipe.

Utah: Utah Fry Sauce


Utah Fry Sauce

Ketchup + Mayo + French fries. It’s not a unique idea, but it does have some serious hold in Utah. Said to have been the brain child of the Utah burger chain, Arctic Circle, it has a cult-like popularity around the world.

Washington: Seattle Smoked Salmon Dip


Seattle Smoked Salmon Dip

This Pacific Northwest state is known for its abundance of salmon. Fished for both commercial and sport, and in saltwater or freshwater, salmon fishing is king in Washington state. Smoked salmon adds a savory flavor to this creamy, warm dip.

Wyoming: Wyoming Beef Jerky Dip


Wyoming Beef Jerky Dip

Treat your inner cowboy or cowgirl to the signature flavor of the Rockies: jerky! This meaty beef jerky dip is just the thing to warm you up on a chilly night.